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Founded in February 2010, by our current Editor Daniel O’Carroll, the Cork Student News is the first online news website for students in Cork City and County. It’s also Ireland’s biggest and most frequented student website.

The site was founded because there was no online news source for UCC students. Trinity, UCD, DCU and other universities and ITs up and down the country had their own online newspapers but our newspaper, the UCC Express, remained stuck in paper.

Our impetus was more than just to become the first “online” news source, though. Independence was a goal which has figured prominently since the outset. We attempted to start life as the UCC Online News, but soon realized, after discussions with college authorities, that complete and utter independence was the only way to go and from that day on haven’t looked back.

When we say we’re independent we mean – in effect – that neither the college nor the Students Union has any say whatsoever in the running of our news website. We have editorial guidelines as to what we do and don’t write about, but our unfettered independence is assured, so that we can continue to report on college affairs from as impartial a perspective as possible.

Despite our young age, we already have a large following, as we as a growing team.

Daniel O’Carroll is Editor in Chief and Webmaster, effectively running the site; Mark O’Neill is the website’s Content Editor; a team of 20 staff writers contribute material as often as they can, and we also receive content – often news – from contributors.

Probably the most unique thing about the Cork Student News is our prominence in the Irish media, which is unmatched by any other student news source in the country. 

We use our position in Google News to have our local, national, and world news coverage seen literally across the world. These sections of the site were added in April 2010 and since adding them we’ve seen our readership increase exponentially while still remaining in touch with our local fanbase.

Our remit, as we see it, is to cover news pertaining to third level students in Cork. We don’t limit ourselves to UCC, but most of our correspondents thus-far, are studying there.

We do – however – firmly intend to cover news from CIT, St John, College of Commerce, etc. Needless to say, we can’t do it without people on the ground, but becoming Cork’s first unified college news source is almost as important a goal to us as our independence is!

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