Initially David's plan was for a whole day of AITM events and discussions followed but a panel discussion to be chaired by Ed Krcma. This structure remains however dramatically shortened as we believe a three hour event with entice a larger audience and remove the chance of fatigue and disillusionment. We are shortening it to three hours. Also the initial plan was for the AITM exhibition to take place in another venue somewhere in the city after the conference. Again, this has changed and we feel that the exhibition should grow around the conference space as the talks and events happen. These art objects will be documented and the exhibition then become a virtual one, viewed after the online.

So here are the planned speakers and events in no particular order unless stated (as I do not have documentation right now as to who is speaking when):

First thing to happen is a few AITM people (as in the students of LSAD and CCAD who have been involved during the year) will read out a manifesto on what AITM means to them. Contradictions between these manifestos may spark some interesting dialogue throughout the day.

Eilish Tuite, a student from LSAD will initiate a group creative action so as the group will collaboratively produce an art object. Eilish will discuss in an informal manner the roles of collaboration and participation in the process of art making.

Vicky Langan or Max le Cain of Black Sun Cork will chat about the events and how herself and Paul sustain such a project. There will be a per-formative element to this also, of which I am not clear on, and also vegan cakes and buns will also be available.
Niamh Moloughney of Free Gaza Ireland has been asked to do a talk on the work she has been doing.


Another performance piece will then happen.

The panel will then come together to discuss the events of the day, the manifestos and what directions the group could go in. The panel currently consists of Ed Krcma, David Brancaleone, and Dobz, though we are trying to get Trish Brennan to be there also as a CCAD representative. David seemed very enthusiastic that Ed chair this for his (I paraphrase) intuitive ability to take something like an AITM event and discuss within a relevant theoretical context. I think this discussion is going to last about a half an hour though I shall double check.

This is still pencilled in, though it seems to work fine. The final performance thing is becoming a bit ambiguous as to who and what, but it shall happen.

Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it !


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